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Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online (

You’ve got your video – now equally important is how you reach your audience. In today’s multi platform world, your message has the potential to be seen in hundreds of different places and by millions of people. Putting your video on just the company website or intranet is wasting an opportunity. The video can and should be re-purposed in many ways and across many different platforms (online and offline).

Here are some of the key video marketing services we can help you with:

Adding video your website
Linking your video to social media sites
Creating a YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter campaign
Optimising your YouTube channel
Broadcasting via the company intranet
Producing a DVD or Blu-ray
Putting video into your mobile device (smart phone or tablet)
Creating interactive online publications
Video SEO
We provide consulting on all aspects of video marketing and will help you understand the potential of social media. We will also advise you on how to track your video so you can follow its progress, find out who’s watching it, how often it’s being viewed and just as important, making sure you get a return of your investment.

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