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We are keen to develop this new method of financing movie making, which gives a wonderful opportunity for new writers and talent to find the limelight.

Along with our partners  we are raising capital for potential projects. This means we love your money as much as the next man, but here we like to think your £1 will go towards a bit of movie making history. Obviously we would like it to be more, but on the other hand just £1 donated is as important to us a  £10 or a £100 or £1000, well in principle it is as its the thought that counts.

All you need do is send us your contact details and the amount you want to pledge and we will send you the details of how. You will also receive a personal email that acts as your unique reference, and makes you a member of our crowd funding community. Keep the log in details safe and you never know, there might just be a surprise waiting for you there when our movies are released as a thank you for helping us make dreams come true. So check it from time to time. We will also notify you of projects we are involved in to keep you up to date.

One of our first projects is a fantastic read and will make a great movie as well as a game. The story is surreal and if you read it you will not be able to put the book down. It’s not been openly published, but you can order a PDF copy here to get an advanced look.



fatman book 3d$16.95  PDF

Probably the book that could start a world war. FatMan (CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, SATAN & TOM CRUIZE) is an alternative look at reality through the eyes of an unlikely hero.FatMan is a super hero like no other, denser in mind and body than the average human, but more involved in the intimate workings of the universe than any person who has ever lived. The cast includes Satan, God, Tom Cruise, Hitler, Napoleon, Catherine The Great, Vladimir the Impaler, Christ, and FatMan’s wife … the world’s most beautiful woman. It takes a warts and all look at the religions of the world, with a satirical edge that takes no prisoners on an adventure ride through another universe that is strangely similar to our own…but not really. 

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